Custom printed balloons with logos

Few things draw people’s attention quite like a bright, vibrant balloon. A customized balloon does so much more. By putting your name, logo, or image on such a focal point, you can truly personalize any event. This is what we can offer you. We have been in the business since 2013 and have always been improving our balloon printing services to cater to a wide variety of companies, industries, and events. Since then, we’ve developed our company through high-quality products, a fast rate of printing and delivery, and a great stress-free, easy-to-use ordering system.

Imprinted balloons give you the freedom to say what you want to say. This can then be used to decorate an event or usable space, for giveaways, or to promote your business. Over the last many years, we’ve helped a lot of companies and specialists, including:

  • Doctors, Dentists, Pediatrics, Orthodontics
  • Churches and Schools
  • Auto Dealers
  • Restaurants and Hotel Chains
  • Law enforcement
  • Election campaigns to charity events

Custom balloons

Custom printed balloons add that extra touch to any event, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a religious ceremony such as baptism or bar mitzvah. If it’s worth holding a party or reception, then it’s worth getting some unique, personalized balloons to make a truly personal experience.

We believe that allow any event to have a personal theme, whether it’s formal or informal. We can incorporate text, images, or logos onto our products, providing you with a great range of freedom when it comes to adding what you want and getting exactly what you needed.

Due to the unique nature of each product, we produce these items in batches, don’t sell them on the shelf.

As for the largest quantity of products you can order, we offer an extensive range of options that allow you to create and ship bulk orders with ease. An example of these include.

Custom balloons

Order custom balloons online and enjoy our exceptional service

We understand how difficult it is to organize any great event, so we strive to make our part of the process as easy as possible. We can fulfill most of the small orders within 1 business day. We also state our quantities, prices, and production times on each of the product pages so that you know exactly how long it would take for your personalized order to be produced. Besides, we ensure that our products are always of the highest quality and eliminate the chances of any surprises or delays while keeping you informed of your purchase at all times.

Do not wait until the best products are snapped up. Buy custom balloons cheap and make your occasion exceptional!


Custom balloons


Customizing your balloon is easy. Here’s how you do it:

1, Decide On Your Print 

The first step is choosing the print on the balloons. For corporate events, companies typically choose to print their logo in company colors. For more personal events like birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations, our customers typically use the celebrants’ picture as the main print. Quotes and messages are also popular options for our print.

If you don’t have a design in mind, you can consult with our team to find the print you like. Our team of designers will help you navigate through font, color, and image choices when designing your custom balloon.

2,Select A Balloon Shape 

Next, you choose the design shape. We offer the standard heart and round shape in different sizes for aluminum balloons.

If you want your custom balloon to be a little more creative, you can also have the shape completely customized. We’ve done everything from rocket-shaped balloons to elephant balloons out of printed foil. Using a custom shape is a great way to stand out in a crowd. It’s an effective branding strategy and will get your point across.

3,Select Balloon Size  

Each occasion calls for a different-sized balloon. For events that are organized for marketing purposes (branding, sales, company promotions), we recommend bigger balloon sizes for maximum impact, and 72 cm balloons work best for this purpose.

For birthday parties and similar events, we recommend getting your custom balloon printed on 30 cm to 40 cm sizes. At this size, they still provide the desired impact, without taking away from the rest of the celebration.

4,Decide Between 1 Or 2-Sided Printing 

Choosing between one or two-sided printing depends on what you’re using your custom balloons for. Marketing-related events benefit best from two-sided printing so your audience can see your logo and message from both sides.

On the other hand, two-sided printing also works for personal events: on one side you can print out a message and on the other, you can print an image. There are different ways to mix and match your two-sided print. It all depends on what you’re using your custom balloons for.

5,Decide Ink Colours  

After finalizing design details, it’s time to decide what color balloon you are going to use and what ink color you want. Our specialty custom balloon printing equipment can accommodate a range of colors, so the only limit is your imagination.

6,Make Final Specifications 

At Specialty Balloon Printers, we make custom printing easy. We accommodate requests for a single job order. For example, you can specify if you want your balloon to be printed in assorted colors, or if you want some of the balloons to be one-sided and the others to be two-sided. We go above and beyond to make your custom order convenient and seamless.

 7,Upload Your Logo Or Design 

After discussing the rest of the details with our team, we’ll ask you to email the final logo or image to prepare the balloons for printing. If you don’t have your design, our team will be in charge of creating a custom design for you. At this point, we’ll send you various mock-ups and help you decide the best print for your balloon.

Custom balloons

Custom Balloons Made Easy  

Designing your customised balloons doesn’t have to be a complicated process. At Specialty Balloon Printers, we make throwing awesome parties and events a headache-free experience.

Custom balloons


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